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Workout routines

 Skinny Guys can be bigger than Naturally Muscular people. You'll be able to concentrate on the areas that need the most attention and less on those that don't.

I call it the "How to B.. Especially if they're at an equal skill level. His stopwatch won't allow him to have those 2-3 hour workouts. He is immediately focused on doing the workout he planned quickly and efficiently. He'll be in and out of the gym in 60 minutes for sure. I have a list that includes such entries as, "If the incline bench is taken, I'll move to the Swiss ball and do dumbbell press on them followed by push-ups.E. If your chest is your weak point, then focus on it. Bring up your lagging body parts and make them a priority. I use the acronym B..A. He's stronger and he's bigger than when he started.T Any Bodybuilder At Your Level system.

Head to the gym today, but don't just take your gym bag with you. why does one make significant progress Yoga block Manufacturers and the other looks like they don't even belong to a gym?

Is it simply a random occurrence - the proverbial, "your genetics determine your physique"?

Is it simply whoever trained harder on that particular day?  Is it simply that one person had a greater desire to challenge themselves than the other?

To be sure things like genetics, opportunity and desire contribute to the outcome of most bodybuilders, but there is another factor - often unseen - that plays a huge role in determining who gets to show off the six pack when summer rolls around. Many people will visually go thru an entire leg routine before ever doing it.)

One thing that I've been guilty of over the years and a trap I've seen almost every bodybuilder I know fall into as well is devoting time, energy and money to improving technically, but not strategically..

B: BE systematic in your workouts.

In fact, by playing "smarter" not only will you make more progress against equally-gifted people, you'll eventually surpass people who are "genetically better" than you! (I. to illustrate the four critical steps of this winning system. The more you can establish control of your focus (concentrate) the better your workouts will be and the less frazzled you'll become. Save the chatter for later.T. And even if they're genetically better than you in many cases.

So, that's what we're going to talk about during the remainder of this report. I'm going to quickly share the mental strategy that I've developed after 17+ years of bodybuilding and watching what goes on in the gym.

Said another way, if two equally gifted individuals start working out .

In other words, come to the gym with a game plan.

Workout routines are great to have - and oftentimes they work like a charm. Take your strategy as well. But his physique doesn't change too much. Know what works for you and what doesn't.E.A.

And that factor is "gym strategy.

Every person has a weak or lagging body part. Better focus leads to less time spend standing around. If your arms
are already huge, skip arm workouts and focus on your weakest body part.

Why? This guy comes into the gym with a solid plan (usually pre-printed). Your job is to determine what your weakness is and improve the area it as often as possible. Have a basic idea of what exercises you want to perform - both sets and reps. Mentally prepare to do the workout.. Go the gym full well knowing what it is you want to do. That's your real secret weapon.

I'll give you a perfect example:

Tony has been working out at the local gym for 5 years. Keep the things that work, ditch the things that don't.There must be some reason why certain people build more muscle and lose more fat than others.
. He's improved his lifts in almost all areas.

In other words: too many lifters try to improve our weight used without improving our use of them. Do you have weak calves? Train calves with determination and not as an after thought when leaving the gym. But, what happens when they don't? You go to Plan B, of course! Prepare in advance what to do if certain things are happening.

A: ATTACK your weakness.

Concentrate and focus on getting in the gym and out of the gym.

T: TRANSITION as needed. Track your progress in a journal. If something is taken, he's immediately got another exercise in mind and is doing it.. Tony looks the same this year as he did the last 3 years.

E: ESTABLISH control of your focus. He doesn't seem to do the same routine forever.E."

That is -


The important thing to learn is this: if you outsmart your typical gym-goers, you'll usually surpass them. Each letter B, E, A and T to represent one of the four steps. There's one guy at the gym who's body shape changes a lot, to the point he's been accused (silently) of taking something.In a high percentage of instances between two equally-gifted bodybuilders, the one who plays "smarter" will accomplish the goals they set.
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