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Develop the discipline

At this point in your venture, you may see every indication of full steam ahead, believing there will be smooth sailing before you with an absence of troubled waters. Namely, don't let adverse facts stand in the way of your good resolve. As difficult as it may first appear, and seemingly easy for me to say, remain calm in these situations and take a realistic approach to the problems at hand. After all, your taken into consideration the most obvious and common mistakes a startup business can make.Youve worked hard, done your research, designed a breathtaking website or attractive storefront, along with developing a spectacular money making business model, and yet ever so slowly troublesome flashes begin creeping into your mind damping your positive and optimistic outlook while interfering with your decisions.

All this said, if an opportunity comes your way; take it, embrace it, cherish it, and if you dont succeed, well you know what to do then.

Remember youve got a great plan, have faith and keep your eye on the prize.

Know that, no matter how thorough your planning, what can go wrong - will go wrong! Thats not just an old adage, its a reality, yet when it occurs youll discover its never really as bad as you first thought, in fact, things will often look better the very next day. A good friend of mine once said Sometimes the wheels may come off your best designed plans, nevertheless, most of the time you can just put them back on. As each pops up to confront your self-assurance you should carefully examine every one before dismissal.

In these circumstances refrain from blindly chucking all your hard work and calmly analyze your situation using your common sense and intelligence to correct the situation. Don't allow self-imposed limitations to restrict what you can and will do.

This goes for little dreams as well as big ones.

Always retain the belief and faith that it can be done, time has long-established the truth of Napolean Hills wisdom. Dont be sidetracked by what's happening around you, continue to make your judgments based on information youve confirmed, and do what's in the best interests of you along with your business. When this occurs, and it will, remind yourself even when things look bleak, that tomorrow Yoga block Suppliers is another day and todays outlook shall pass. Bear in mind constantly, that it can be done as long as it is within your power of accomplishment.

Develop the discipline you need in planning your business and where you want it to go. Do this by setting goals and forecasting the steps that will help you reach them, while bearing in mind, you can attain anything your heart desires.

If theres one thought that consumes us all, particularly those running their first business, its the periodic feeling that you're just spinning your wheels, and going nowhere.

This way you wont end up lamenting, If I only had known then what I know now.

So, recognize that the many apprehensions you may be experiencing are not there to dissuade or discourage you from your goal, but are really warnings to avoid some of the potential, yet less obvious, pitfalls that will most assuredly confront you from time to time on your path to success. Above all, they are common to all entrepreneurs.

Yes, from the beginning youve covered your bases, dedicated all your energies to doing everything within your power to avoid those costly errors which have plagued others.  

Keep your eye on the ball, remember you started this all with a vision, in order to achieve your quest you must constantly set and maintain steps toward that goal, be demanding of yourself. What the mind of man can conceive and believe, It can achieve.

Mistakes like; failing to conduct a through market research, having inadequate funds, poor record keeping, insufficient marketing plans or worse none at all.

When all, you know what breaks lose and all seems for naught, resist jumping ship and surrendering your dreams.

When things go right, dont just pat yourself on the back polishing you ego, outwardly and honestly recognize the people who have helped and continue to help you get where you want to go. Others are; paying little attention to rapid changes in the market place, spending money on needless things, growing too quickly, or trying to do everything yourself.

In the face of unforeseen challenges, mysterious slumps in business, or failure to achieve the results you expected, be aware that these are just part of life and goes with the territory.

Just as you cant shape someone elses future, dont let someone else, no matter how well meaning, formulate yours.
. Good!

Realize these feelings are not only normal, but could be essential for the health of your enterprise.
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