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    The percentage of shrinkage can be measured in the steam method

    In general, the higher the temperature, the worse the stability. Underwear, especially natural fiber, will shrink. Reasons for shrinkage: (1) When the fiber is spinning, or when the yarn is weaving and dyeing, the yarn fiber in the fabric is stretched or deformed by external forces, and the yarn fiber and fabric structure are internally generated. It is worth noting that after the pre-shrinking treatment is not equal to not shrinking, but means that the shrinkage rate is controlled at 3% -4% of the national standard. Conversely, fabrics with a weft density greater than warp density shrink in the weft direction. Therefore, the fabrics of home textiles are generally pre-shrinked.5%; flower cloth is 3-3.

    The percentage of shrinkage can be measured in the steam method, and the percentage of shrinkage can also be measured in steam over 100 ° C. Fibers are closely related to the dimensional stability of textile processing and their fabrics, providing some basis for the design of subsequent processes. Commonly used drying methods are dripping drying method, metal mesh tile method, hanging drying method and drum drying method. 1. (4)

    Under the condition that the textile fiber is heated, the shape and size of the fiber changes and shrinks, and it cannot return to the original state after cooling, which is called fiber thermal shrinkage. Shrinkage is a phenomenon that changes the length or width of textiles in a certain state after washing, dehydrating, and drying.

    Generally, fibers with high hygroscopicity will swell after being immersed in water, the diameter will increase, the length will shorten, and the shrinkage will be large. The key is the finishing. 3. But it is not that the Draw Texturing Yarns Manufacturers higher the temperature, the better. Weaving tension is small, the fabric is dense and thick, and the shrinkage rate is large, and the shrinkage rate of the fabric is small; when weaving tension is large, the fabric is loose and thin, and the shrinkage rate is small, and the shrinkage rate of the fabric is large. 

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