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Reporter from the electricity department was informed

 One large glass panel in the sun shine, they are receiving and transforming the solar power solar electric panels.  This is from the reporter a few days ago the electricity sector in our province and R &amp  D department to obtain information.

How solar power stations running on? Future access to people s small scale solar power station look like? With these questions, this reporter recently came to our province s first solar power station building base   Chaohu City Cudrania had visited the town of Gao.

According to introduction, solar electric panels for the three tier structure, the surface for the tempered glass, as the core material between silicon bottom are organic materials such as PVC. Of course, the home needs to spend about 2,000 yuan configuration Units 1 inverter, solar power panels with phase, as long as the inverter of the line and the home of a phase plug, that is, all household appliances to power generation, and the power generation the volume of basic three homes for one year with (according to a person 100 degrees January electricity rates). However, the domestic residents know little about home solar power station. 

Entirely remote controlled unmanned

Solar energy at power plants, journalist feels quiet, the original, this power station unattended, usually someone apart from the occasional visitors, the only&amp ebike 34503;&amp #40736;accompanied with, in the power station can be seen everywhere in&amp #34503;&amp #40736;capture tool.7 tons, 0.  Do not build # solar power stations, is the current installed solar water heater upstairs in the community are subject to a lot of  blocked .27 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions by using solar power is absolutely no pollution. China s production of solar power generation equipment and technology is very advanced, very popular in foreign countries.

Cost will be more and more cheap

 Solar energy power plant in the province because of the rapid diffusion, home solar power generation from ordinary people more and more near. Full use of this power station with independent intellectual property rights of technology and products, is the first in the country, but also bears a pilot solar power generation applications important mission. Staff said that this is the home of a small solar power station  prototype ,  future, to enter the home of a small solar power station is also&amp #32943;&amp #23450;&amp #20250;&amp #27604;this pocket sized. Reporter see that the electricity board block each string and, through a wire connected with the inverter, direct current into alternating current into the power grid. Therefore, the use of solar power plants and promotion needs to be a consensus in the community. 

However, solar power station with the Chaohu City office supply company s monitoring network, staff can be through the network, run on solar power station for remote monitoring and remote control.  It s 30,000 degrees if electric power generation, annual emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere 8.

 At present, the power station rated power to 20 kilowatts, the annual power generation of about 30,000 degrees, which is equivalent to one year, all residents of the building s electricity consumption. This set of solar electric panels, about 100 or so, each block of about 1.

Zhou said that with the solar power generating increasing publicity, combined with solar electric panels continue to lower prices and shrinking area, ordinary residents of the next three years will be able to spend about 5,000 yuan to build a small solar power station. 

Reporter from the electricity department was informed that the province is currently building a solar power plant has been fully opened, following the Chaohu Lake, the Bengbu, Hefei, are beginning to build solar power station.

 Solar energy power plant after the installation and commissioning, maintenance convenience, the service life of at least 15 years.  Zhou said that in developed countries, small scale solar power plant equipment in ordinary supermarket sales alone, the family built a small solar power station is widespread. 

However, the power department official said small and medium sized solar power station into the home is still the  bottleneck , for example, where community residents can  allow  it.

March 7, reporter with the electricity department staff de sac down the countryside come to this solar power station, it is far from reporter to imagine the complex, on the contrary is very simple.

Solar power in the receiving equipment, not very far away, have an independent small scale solar power receiving equipment, only the block more than 20 solar electric panels.  Photovoltaic Systems Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education Industrial Base expert Zhou told reporters that before the high prices of solar electric panels, ordinary residents do not beginning, but now more and more low cost, if there is the residents willing to build small scale solar power stations, there is only 10 square meters of open space, cost about 20,000 yuan to buy eight solar electric panels, you can ask the departments concerned to the construction of small Solar energy power plant, and construction of the installation cycle, only a week.  From last year to this year, solar electric panels have 30  of the price cut. Even in Hefei, a residential community developer has also recently completed a commercial solar power stations, supply the street lamps and lawn lamp power community.According to the current promotional efforts, is expected to 3 years, small scale solar power stations can go to common people s family, then home residents receiving equipment by virtue of solar power electricity achieve  self sufficiency .2 square meters electricity boards, neatly laid on the metal stent.

Power seems very easy

In November last year, the provincial power companies as a pilot project for solar power station at Chaohu Cudrania Gao s a wasteland Kaijian up.  Chaohu City electricity department official said, the current cost effective power plant is not significant, However, environmental protection and other social benefits should not be underestimated.
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