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Its great to be involved somehow in attracting more students

  We are doing more and more sites in Joomla at present as it offers such an good combination of cost effectiveness and functional ability for our clients.5.falmouth-student-accommodation.  The template which was used as a foundation for the site was JA Purity by Joomla Art - the winner of the Joomla 1.  A dedicated development containing only flats for students, the "Maritime Building" overlooks Falmouth harbour, has 145 student apartments, a green roof (covered in plants), bicycle storage, common areas, disabled access, and is a couple of hundred meters from the beach.falmouth-student-accommodation.
Channel Computing have also assisted in the marketing of the site on line by running an adwords campaign and SEO work.3, and electric bike add-on components including the expose flash gallery, sh404SEF for SEF URLs, XMAP, and Chrono Forms. uses the latest Joomla 1.  Joomla can literally do anything we require for any of our sites, and should it not, we are free to add on anything that is required ourselves.5 Template competition.
The site

Its great to be involved somehow in attracting more students to the area through this project, and to adding another smart Joomla project to our portfolio.  Peter Graves of Channel Computing said "There is a really vibrant student scene down here in Falmouth, with the colleges turning out high quality graduates in art, design and other fields, which is of great benefit to local designers and web agencies such as ourselves.A new Joomla powered web site is helping Students at University College Falmouth (UK) to find a home.  Although the template has been very heavily modified it was chosen for its combination of features, including resizable screens, XHTML compliancy, colour choices, text resizers and more.
Falmouth based web developers Channel Computing have used Joomla as the base for the site for local developers Devington Homes, as a wey of letting students know about the apartments, and later developing the site into a community portal for students owning or renting flats in the Maritime Building.
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