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Electric shock resulting from contact with overhead electric cables

 In an inspection these trucks are in the top five on the checklist. Here are some hazards to consider when developing policies on forklift operation.

Accident Hazards

Fall of truck operator, due to slip or incautious step, while climbing to or descending from the operator's seat
Fall of truck from an upper level to a lower level, due to careless driving, slip or collapse
Fall of improperly loaded cargo
Overturning of truck due to overload or incorrect positioning of the center of gravity
Overturning due to cargo lifting to an excessive height, or due to careless steering
Overturning of truck, especially 3-wheel, while making an extremely sharp and speedy turn
Overturning due to driving on a too steep slope, or at excessive driving speed, or loss of traction, or due to use of improper equipment or even forklift attachments
Rolling-down of truck due to insufficiently applied handbrake
Injury from rotating parts of the truck, not fully protected against accidental contact
Collision with a stationary, such as a wall or moving object especially when view is obstructed by the loaded cargo
Collapse of a stack of cargo
Electric shock resulting from contact with Pedelecs Manufacturers overhead electric cables
Possible exposure to hazardous chemicals as a result of fall and crush of the loaded cargo
Spill of acid during battery charging

Physical hazards
Exposure to excessive noise levels with resulting hearing impairment
Exposure to whole-body vibration caused by rigid construction of truck, inadequate shock-absorbing properties of operator's seat, and prolonged driving on rough grounds
Exposure to harsh climatic conditions such as heat while working outdoors

Chemical hazards
Allergic skin reactions as a result of contact with fuel and/or solvents
Eye injury due to splashes of corrosive materials
Intoxication by exhaust gases, fuel, which are emitted from the exhaust pipe. The first item is the current safety sticker followed by policies on safety controls. Drivers of these trucks will be checked for training; then personnel working in the areas of forklift operation.Forklift hazards can be found on safety inspector's hot lists throughout the world. The concentration will rise rapidly inside closed and inadequately ventilated structures
Exposure to nitrogen oxides (NOX) emitted together with the exhaust gases inside relatively closed and inadequately ventilated structures
While charging electric truck batteries, hydrogen gas is giving off

Biological hazards
Exposure to dust and other contaminants as result of truck movement

Ergonomics and Stress

Cumulative trauma disorders of hands and arms pains resulting from their overexertion while driving a non-laden truck presenting higher resistance to steering
Low-back pain, muscle contraction and other disorders caused by prolonged seating in an inadequate seat
Neck pains as a result of frequent back-turning of head and neck stretching during reverse driving and while transporting bulky load obstructing operator's field of vision
Vision problems due to prolonged work in insufficient lighting
Psychological stress associated with increased risk of accidents involving other vehicles and suddenly appearing pedestrians
Psychological problems with time constraints
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