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Do not want to completely use solar electricity,

 You may have to pay up to $600 (some solar panels are much less) for one solar panel.

Solar panels will be an upfront cost that is worth investing in. The solar panels will give 50 watts to 200 watts of power each day. Thus, putting money back into your pockets and saving money or using it for something fun for you and your family to do. If you live in an area that frequently has blackouts or other weather emergencies, solar electricity may be just for you. No longer will you have to worry about the electrical costs going up year after year. Make a list of all the electrical items in your home such as the microwave, refrigerator, wash machine and dryer, television(s) (high definition TV takes more power than using a regular TV), lighting, air conditioner or central air, gaming systems, computer, DVD players, oven, etc.

A huge benefit to using solar electricity is if you do not use up all of your solar energy you can sell your left over energy to the electric company.) There will be some days you use more than others such as when the air conditioner or central air is constantly running, you decide to use your washing machine and dryer and your vacuum. On the contrary, once you pay the initial upfront cost, solar panels will save you a fortune by using solar electricity.

Even if you do not want to completely use solar electricity, you can still use it partially or as a backup for your needs. Check your local area laws or with your tax preparer as at times the Internal Revenue Service gives credit to you on your taxes which equals more money in your pocket. Now that you know the wattage your home will need per day, you will know how many solar panels you will actually have to invest in.

You may think that the solar panels are too expensive to invest in.

If you do decide to use solar electricity, you will be helping the environment and your pride knowing that you are contributing to helping the Earth instead of hurting the Earth.

While doing this task, you may be surprised which items are using up more energy than Electric Bikes Wholesalers> others. Once you get your figure you are now able to see how many solar panels you will need to sufficiently handle your electricity needs. (Make sure you figure this out in a twenty four hour period.If you are thinking of using solar electricity in your home, it is wise to do an energy assessment in your home so you know how much solar electricity you will need. Did you realize that the electric company raises rates at an average of 10  per year? If you are annually budgeting your electricity bill money you can now save your money instead.

 Next, add all of the wattage you think you use per day. To do the energy assessment in your home figure out the wattage you use each day to run your household.
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