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All my road experience up until now has been on four wheels

 No chance of a numb bum when you take this gorgeous Can-Am RT out.I never really fancied being a biker. You won't regret it.

If you're looking for a real head-turner then the Can-AM RT is it, creating fans wherever it goes and often drawing a crowd when it's parked up.

That was until I experienced the sheer thrill of riding a beautiful Can-Am RT and fell in love.

My balance isn't brilliant and all my road experience up until now has been on four wheels. Its classy gel seats really make you feel like you are sitting on your very own armchair on top of its three wheels.

There's no chance of you blending in when you ride a Can-AM RT or its sister the Can-Am RS. These sexy beasts are here to be seen and heard and they certainly deliver on that score. This breath-taking piece of machinery looks like a million dollars and certainly makes you feel like a million dollars when you're riding it. Boasting a host of standard features the Can-Am pedelec Spyder RT roadster not only looks good, it feels fantastic when you're cruising on its back and, dare I say it,  soaking up the curious and admiring looks from  fellow road-users and pedestrians.

Built around a Surrounding Spar Technology frame the Can-Am RT features a slim and light frame with a low centre of gravity to enhance stability and make handling easy.

The Can-Am RT also features a specially designed smooth five speed gearbox enabling you to reverse the vehicle - particularly handy when you're in a tight spot and need to manoeuvre quickly. Whether you love motorbikes, cars, mopeds or a bicycle, I urge you to take one of these beautiful beasts out for a test ride and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Riding out on a Can-AM RT is certainly an experience you'll remember long after the engine's cooled.  Its muscular design and the growl of its powerful engine when you turn the key sends pulses racing every time.

This is great news for a biker novice like me.
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