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More traditional acne treatments

Most importantly, the laser treatment, or light therapy, is intended as a cure or solution to an already existing acne condition - it is not a method of prevention. Another lesser known treatment for acne scars is cryotherapy, which uses a process to repeatedly freeze the scars to gently reduce and shrink the scar tissue. There have been no known negative side effects reported, and the overall success rate for patients has been very high.

As more positive results and test cases are logged, more research is performed, and the treatment is also showing to be effective for use with acne vulgaris. Results tend to come quicker than when using more traditional methods, and skin tone is generally improved.

Owing to the effectiveness of the procedure, many home use acne laser treatment products are entering the market, but before you go ahead and buy your own, it's well worth checking with your doctor to see if they can help.

As more and more test and studies are carried out using laser treatments and light therapy, the positive results are helping the process gain a lot of credibility and popularity.

More traditional acne treatments like drug based medications and skin cleansers can take anywhere up to 6 or 8 months before results are noticeable, but with laser treatments, results can be noticeable in as little as 12 weeks.

The technique used in acne laser treatments involves using a laser machine to shine intense light onto the affected area of the skin. Different treatments use different types and colors of light, but the effect is that the skin and pores secrete a lot less oil.

A Non Invasive Acne Treatment That Works

As you would expect, this form of therapy is completely non invasive and totally drug free. This light then actually destroys the bacteria which is the main cause LED G9 Light Manufacturers of acne. A side effect is that the light therapy also promotes the production of collagen which helps reduce any scarring. The success rate is very high, and when combined with other forms of treatment including various medications and preventative methods, the results can be exceptional.

The way the laser treatment works is by bombarding the affected areas with short but intense beams of light.Acne laser treatment is often recommended for dealing with scarring when other treatments and remedies, especially cortisone injections, have failed to have an effect.
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