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Do not over complicate things

 If you outline, practice, and story board your vlog out, youre going to know what to record, when to record, and how long it will take.

    * Number 10:

Practice. You must practice to become efficient. I say get the video editing software, because it can help. They get the job done, but if you have more light, they get the job done better. For those of you who are using FireFox, there is a very cool add-on called MeasureIt.

This is the most cliche out of all of the tips. The difference in quality is absolutely amazing. If youre a vlogger, and your vlogs are running over 10 minutes, you may be rambling.

It basically did the same thing. You can decide to write a very fast script on a piece of paper, or draw it all out on a huge white board. Along with practice, I recommend observation. Since most work lights are halogen lights, the light looks more yellow or orange than a fluorescent light. Make you, and your unique personality work through the camera, not the personality work FOR the camera. Usually, there is a very quick and easy method for something if you just act upon it. The camera is recording what the eye sees naturally: light bouncing OFF of the object in the scene.

Get to know your video camera; whether its a mini DV camcorder, or a web camera.

You can post-edit white levels in most mid-priced editing software, but I would advise you not opt for this unless you desperately have to, because it shifts the entire look of the captured scene, potentially washing out, or blurring your video clip. Most video services limit the size of your video.

If you do opt to get a web camera, get a very nice quality one, or one built into your computer, as the webcam built right in is probably set up to work perfectly with your computer. Make sure you know how it works the second you turn it on, and you dont have to play too much with it.
A good looking piece of footage can be marred by a bad plot or flow. In which case, revert to Number 5". Getting a feel for it.

    * Number 7:

Music can be your best friend, or it can be your enemy.

    * Number 8:

Dont be afraid of getting a post editing software like Sony Vegas or any other software.

    * Number 2:

Get a feel for your mini digital camcorder, and your style. I then extended the neck of my tripod, held it at the top, just below the camera, and worked the entire thing out with just a measly tripod. If it bleeds through onto your videos, youll have a unique style of shooting and look to your videos. I looked online for instructions on how to do it and came up with tacky looking substitutes. It's truly your dicision, I want to help you either way. If your object, or subject, is not being properly lit, your camera cant see it.Here are some of my original tips to making your videos look absolutely awesome. If you buy a software that cost roughly 35 - 50 dollars, you should be getting a decent enough deal with various FX and flexibility. These little babies dont capture light so well if theres not enough of it.

See how some of the more popular video blogs do it, and use their methods as a template to build your own videos. Even your blogs.

Since most videos capture at about 720px by 480px, save the video file at half of each of those dimensions - 360px by 240px - this cuts the size of the file way down. I have found some software actually crashes very easily.

    * Number 3:

Use plenty of light in your videos.
. Read on the various shot types, and how they add or subtract from the mood. These run much cheaper than professional grade light kits, and have just as desirable effect. Make sure you use proper music for each mood of your video.

    * Number 9:

Make sure you compress your video. Heres an example:

I was looking for a steady cam.

The reason you'll not hear big-wig video marketers plug getting a video editing software bundle is mainly because they don't have "affiliate links" to said software. This makes a crisper, more easily understandable video. You definitely want to white balance your scene when using work lights, or lights that are not fluorescent.

Find out the size of your video hostings videos. It doesnt matter, as long as you know where youre going. Mini digital camcorders capture at a higher frame-rate and tend not to drop as many frames as webcams do.

    * Number 4:

White balance your scene.

One way to flood your scene with light is to get a few work lights used spring coil machine from Lowes Hardware, Home Depot, or Wal-mart. There is nothing more unattractive than a thrown together video with no rhyme or reason. I wanted to make my videos much smoother. But then again, I say don't get it, because it can save you money. Most people have a specific personality that is uniquely them.

    * Number 5:

Script your videos.

    * Number 6:

Do not over complicate things. It comes with knowing your camera, as well. Your camera is not recording a subject, or the object in the screen. It doesnt have to be a big deal. This means that they can't make money when you buy it, so what's the use?

Poor you getting ripped off because some poor sap wants to make a dime. Most mini digital camcorders have this feature installed on them in some way. Be careful, though.

Definitely use more lighting when it comes to web cameras. Although some can do it, and often I do it, a well thought out video or vlog can make a world of a difference when it comes to the flow of your video. The best way to do this is just by watching your video with various types of music.

If doing a vlog, for example, ranting for 8 minutes with no end in sight makes people fall asleep, and potentially scares away subscribers.

And dont be daunted by pre-production. I definitely think you should look into installing that add-on so that you can find dimensions easier than PrntScrn and then pulling the image into a image editor. But sadly, its the truest.

    * Number 1:

Make sure youre using a mini digital video camera, and not a web cam.
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