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China stainless steel coolers Suppliers was likely to read

Again, Facebook had thousands of detailed predictions about my tastes, which were uncannily accurate, ranging from my business and professional interests, the goods and services which I was likely to purchase, the news sources I was likely to read and watch, the magazines and books I China stainless steel coolers Suppliers was likely to read, the places which I would like to visit, etc. Since I am exposed only to news and views which reinforce my existing beliefs, I become more and more convinced that I am always right, and that anyone who does not share the same beliefs as me is a menace to society — which is the source of political and religious and racial hatreds. The problem is that I don’t know which 50 per cent it is.

Ian Goodfellow, a scientist at Google Brain, who developed the first Generative Adversarial Network, cautioned that Artificial Intelligence could set news consumption back a hundred years. The way the algorithms of Twitter and Facebook are written, their newsfeeds would show me more and more of the news which they think I would like to see and hear.The explanation was "Interests from partners — Twitter’s partners build audiences around shopping decisions, lifestyle, and other online and offline behaviours" and "Tailored audiences — Tailored audiences are often built from email lists or browsing behaviours.

By compiling detailed information about you, they are able to sell that information to advertisers and marketers. Was I more likely to vote for them because of my dislike of their opponents? Or was I more likely to respond to their positive policies? Should they try to "demonise" their opponents? Or should they emphasise their economic policies, or push their religious agenda with me, or their caste agenda? Would I vote for them even if I disagreed vehemently with their caste politics provided I agreed with their economic policies? They could send me customised messages tailored exactly for me on my WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter messengers.

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