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Aluminum Frying Pan Factory the dots?

"If you see today, Internet is filled with people defaming Nehru. But I would say, this is the power of creativity. Films like Jodha Akbar and Bajirao Mastani dealt with female characters who have a sketchy and faint presence in history. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s earlier film Bajirao Mastani received flak from the Peshwa community in Pune, Ashutosh Gowarikar-directed Jodha Akbar drew the ire of Rajputs, Ketan Mehta’s Mangal Pandey did not go down well with the BJP and Samajwadi Party, Santosh Sivan’s Asoka was much criticised by renowned historians. So when history plays a mysterious muse, how does one go about connecting Aluminum Frying Pan Factory the dots?Director Shyam Benegal recalls, "When I did Bharat Ek Khoj, there were characters that were well known, and others that were not. Some creations of creative film writing have been so powerful that they have blurred the line between film and reality.

 While Ashutosh Gowariker-directed Mohenjo Daro might have used the name, the film hardly had any connection to historical reality. You can connect it to anything, from religion to elections. So you have to apply the available knowledge and flesh out such characters and also find a balance, so that one gets an approximation of the actual account." He elaborates, "Even the fact that the sun rises in the East only holds true till the point you are standing on earth. "It can become difficult to choose a particular narrative as there is no ‘ultimate truth’ that exists," says historian and filmmaker Sidharth Gauri, "There are academic debates that contest history, books that have opposing viewpoints. Ausaja points out that history in each era is written by different people, with different interpretations, and all interpretations cannot be exact. Gidwani that had been released much earlier.

So what is this if not the power of creativity? History alone cannot describe human experiences," says Mihir Pandey. So to believe that people don’t know that a particular film is a work of fiction and they get confused between real and reel life is a huge misjudgment. In India, history has not been documented the way it has been in Europe, which was influenced by Renaissance. How can a filmmaker ever entertain all these vantage points? It is impossible. Sidharth Gauri feels, "Bollywood has a huge reach, there is no doubt about that and it would certainly lead to a lot of opinions and debates.A still from Mangal PandeyAusaja agrees and adds that it is shameful that no action is taken in several controversies. It’s a delicate balance between historical accuracy and creative liberty. We didn’t document history in that manner but somehow are now trying to measure Indian history with those tools.

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