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What is better than a room with a great view?

What is better than a room with a great view? Being a den animal, that is auto parts mould wholesale how your dog views his crate. A safe place to hang out and view surroundings. It's comfortable and secure. It's also great to keep your valuables intact until you get home from the mall.

While not a solution to all problems. Extensive crating can lead of feelings of frustration and loneliness. Your dog is trapped with no alternative. Primarily a crate may be used for house training your pooch. They do not like to eliminate in their dens. It also limits access to the rest of your home. Transporting your dog in a crate while driving is safer for both you and them.

There are different types of crates available. The traveling type are usually plastic and similar to what you would see in an airport. Fabric crates are  collapsible and easy to transport. These are frequently seen at dog shows and on camping trips. Metal crates/pens are also available in collapsible forms. Be sure you get the right size for your dog. They should be able to sit, stand, lie down and turn in the crate. Some feel it is important to remove their collar before placing in the crate to prevent them from getting hung up on the metal cage. This is especially important during initial training.

Crate training can take a few weeks or a few days depending on the dog. If you consistently associate the crate with a pleasant activity it will be a lot easier to complete the training.

First introductions are important. Associate the crate with something good such as placement. If it is placed in a room frequented by your family, it is a lot less like isolation. Place a soft towel, blanket or commercial dog bed in the crate for comfort. Leave the door open so your dog has easy access. Some will allow their curiosity to rule and get right in. Others may be very hesitant.

If your dog is among the latter, make it a special occasion. Be happy, talk nicely, leave the door open and have a handful of treats. Gradually drop a few treats outside the crate. Slowly drop some on the inside and over a period of time drop them further into the crate. Don't force him to enter. That just creates anxiety. This process should continue until your dog walks all the way in calmly. A favorite toy may also work.

Give your dog a meal inside the crate. Again this should be done by increments. Once your dog is comfortable eating in the back corner with the door closed, it will be safe to leave him for a short period of time. Whining is not a sign for you to open the door and let him out. He is seeking attention in a negative way and you should wait for the whining to stop before opening the door. All are association techniques.
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