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With casting process there is often no need of further machining after casting: not only its accuracy is up to 99.8%, but casted products also can be used raw, since they have a pleasant finish. Zinc die casting usage is almost 28% in automotive industry, followed by building and hardware sectors.
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International cooperation and exchanges

It is expected that during 2010 and 2015, the annual average growth rate of the production of China's tire retreading industry will keep over 10%. It is understood that China encourages the use of scrap tire retreading technologies to improve the reuse rate of wastage and save energy consumption. In 2010, the sales growth rate of the industry was fast; from January to December of 2011, the total sales Conduit Clamps Manufacturers in China revenue of the tire retreading industry reached CNY 5. With the stagnation and shrink of the tire retreading production in the United States, the European Union, Japan and other developed countries, the world's tire retreading industry is positively transferred to developing countries. During 2007 and 2009, the average growth rate of the total sales revenue of the tire retreading processing industry was 38. After strict production and quality examinations, the quality is also much more reliable. Despite China's tire retreading industry develops rapidly and the retread tire amount increases year by year, the industry lacks uniform standards and the retreading level of a large number of enterprises is relatively low, and most of the retreaded tires are bias tires. By the end of December 2011, the total assets of China's tire retreading processing industry reached CNY 27 In China, more than 100 million scrap tires are produced each year, and China is one of the countries with large quantities of discarded tires in the world, and the number of discarded tires is rapidly increasing. Moreover, retreaded tires are only used for trucks.66% for three years, which was faster than the average growth rate of the industry for three years (increasing by 19.70%); from January to November of 2010, the total sales revenue of the tire retreading industry reached CNY 4. Each year in China, more than 100 million scrap tires are in the renovation, which means that each year more than 100 million retreaded tires will re-enter the market.74% YOY. Accordingly, China's tire retreading industry should establish uniform standards to enhance international cooperation and exchanges as soon as possible, actively introduce foreign new technologies, and develop independent innovation technologies of Chinese tire retreading and remanufacturing, taking the combination road of "production, learning and research". In recent years, China's tire retreading processing industry achieves rapid development. Tire retreading manufacturers and distributors of the United States, the European Union, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and other countries all attach great importance to China and seek business and development opportunities in Chinese market.42081 billion, with an increase of 73. As China's economy maintains a rapid growth as well as China continues to adhere to implementing the policy of the expansion on domestic demand, the tire retreading industry in China has huge market space and development potential. Automobile tires often give full play to its value in use after several times of refurbishment. In addition, by the end of November 2009, there were 74 tire retreading enterprises with large scale in China, according to research from.

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