WoW Classic is very profitable

WoW Classic is very profitable. Although there was no special report on World of Warcraft numbers to shareholders for some time, until they stopped doing so, the profits of World of Warcraft continued to increase despite the decrease in the number of players. Back at its peak, World of Warcraft profited mainly from its monthly subscriptions, with some server shifts or role renaming. Now, in addition to that, we offer factional transfers, a variety of cosmetics available in stores, which improves sales, and more expensive extensions with digital Deluxe versions and tokens.

I know that people of a race or name change every few months. Over the years, I've paid for my own and my family's subscriptions entirely through tokens (which means they earn $5 a month from each subscription, depending on my family, which is two to five subscribers to my family). With the exception of one of the latest mounts in the store, all of my pets, the digital deluxe version of the extended product, are understandable. Since token began to buy balance, I have completed all transactions through wow gold in the game, which means Blizzard will make 20 dollars for every 15 dollar purchase.

That said, yes, there are more extensions. They will not kill the golden goose. They also allow you to buy wow gold. You will notice that games like EverQuest, Final Fantasy XI and Ultima online still exist, at least in the first two games, they are still getting new content (I haven't checked whether uo can still get new content). So far, World of Warcraft has almost certainly had more subscriptions than the heyday of the three games. As long as anyone of us is alive, as long as society hasn't collapsed before then, World of Warcraft may continue to expand.

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