What type of currency in PoE?

Developed by Grinding Gear Games, Tencent's dark masterpiece Path of Exile plans to open the first round of testing at the end of May. The Path of Exile is an MMOARPG developed by the enthusiast-class dark diehard powder for ten years. It inherits the essence of the dark series and has a high degree of professional freedom. The game has won overseas awards since its launch and has been well received by the media and players. It is known as the "real successor of dark 2".

There are many types of currency in Poe, such as Exalted Orb, Chaos Orb, Orb of Alchemy, etc.

  At the annual conference of UP2016 Tencent Interactive Entertainment on March 25 this year, Tencent officially announced the agency 2. 5Ddark wind game Path of Exile, which immediately caused the players to discuss. Path of Exile is different from most ARPG games in terms of the skill system. Its unique and novel skill gem system makes the upgrade process into killing monsters, randomly acquiring skill stones, equipped with Den Small Rock, and using skills.

  In other words, all the skills of the profession are shared, the barbarian can become a remote fireball magician, and the witch can also pick up a giant hammer to attack monsters. The game currently has more than two hundred skill gems and eight skill bars, which constitute a very large skill set with a high degree of freedom. At the same time, there is no concept of gold coins in the game, only "PoE currency props", you can use it to reset any skill attributes. In addition, Path of Exile is amazing for its huge talent system, which is displayed in front of players in a form like a vast starry sky.
  This system affects the growth direction of the game character. The size of the icon determines the influence of this talent on the character. The starting position of each occupation in the talent tree is also different. Although the starting point is different, players can still customize their favorite genre. There is a certain relationship between the major schools, and the character plasticity is also very high. After the integration, a new genre system will be formed. 
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