Path of Exile - the most profitable game of 2019

Path of Exile This game has been open for a long time and some players’ endless unrestrained damage has made it very difficult to make money. From the past day, 300-500, it is difficult to get 50 now. The main problem is that farming Exalted Orb becomes more difficult. However, if you obtain a Mirror of Kalandra, you can sell for at least $150.

First of all, Path of Exile (POE) is a large-scale Diablo MMORPG online game produced by a company called GGG (full name Grinding Gear Games) in New Zealand. It has been more than ten years since the test. The core of the game is through the plot. , outside the world. The player’s stickiness is very high, and the Steam game leaderboard is among the best in the long term! It can be said that word of mouth is super good! The player base will only increase or decrease!

Plus, every 3 months, big version update will allow players to start from scratch and add a lot of new content and gameplay, which will make this game a very worthwhile money-making game! There are more than 30 PoE Currency items for adding modifiers to equipment.

The single number can be said to be basically 100+ per day for 2 months in each season, and 50+ (3 months for the season) in the next month. The average 5K-1W2 per season is no problem.

After a brief introduction to the game, I will talk about how to make money!

The first thing you need to do is to understand the core mechanics of the game. We don’t need to work too hard here. We can use the information reasonably!

First, go to a third-party web page built by the player to understand the game. Here you can almost completely understand the game content.

Then we need to find the right BD (that is, the talent, affecting the speed of the map, the fluency, the ability to challenge the advanced map). Whether you are looking for a BD that can make a high-level map to make money, or brush it very fast, or can go Fees help people to cross the map of BD, anyway, as long as you like it! Here you can find a lot of BD at PoE Ninja.

When BD is ready, and the game is known, we can play the game! The PoE Goods and Currency items you have their own columns available for sale on the PoE TradeThe Bargain website.

At this time, we need to pay attention to the price, all the POE props have a value, this can be used to query the website, then the equipment and currency on the official The Bargain website, The Bargain will then receive the currency directly Withdrawal.

If we want to earn more, we need to make equipment and other details to learn while making money on the side!

Finally, we need to pay attention to the anti-sealing, the international service has a locked area in STeam! Although the accelerator won’t seal, it’s recommended not to use some junk accelerators. I have earned 5K in the first season of 9 seasons, and each season is guaranteed to be 50-300 per day, but there is a guarantee. !

I hope everyone can do POE like me to make money.

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