Best Madden 20 general defense manual for MUT Coins

It's the only play to return to the top of last year's big bang. If you're a senior player and want to mess up your opponent's mind in every game, then there's nothing else for the lions script.

Last year, the script became famous for its fascinating lightning and was reinstalled in Madden 20. Here, mat Patricia draws on what he has learned from patriots, even though they have not succeeded in this field in real life - a huge success for Madden 20 .

For pass defense, there is a dollar package, nickel 3-3-5 odd and 3-3-5 wide. There's not a lot you can't do with the lions script, but the power comes without need to purchase MUT 20 Coins. You'll need to learn how to maximize your substitutions to ensure that you don't end up putting the player in the wrong position and leaving mismatches for your opponent to take advantage of.

Best 3-4 scripts - New York Giants

Giant's playbook is unique in that it has 3-4 bases, but they also have 4-4, nickel standard, nickel 3-3-5, dollar and dime 2-3-6. This versatility in defense is powerful.

This adaptability requires flexible personnel, who can be dispatched according to the situation, so they need to learn to play a full role, but when dotNetHell users do so, it is difficult for opponents to expect your actions.

Even in 3-4 bases, there are 5 different battle lines that can show opponents: odd, negative, negative, even and patient. Then add 4-4 to get a clear attack, with some options in the top 7 and 8.

Best balanced script - Auckland Raider

Despite the team's recent performance, there seems to be a consensus in Madden 20 this year that the script is the most powerful in offensive football. With the return of Jon Gruden last year, the script has been overhauled to reflect the manager's tactical thinking.

It's definitely equipped with a shot shotgun game and one of the better gun trips te packages in the game - which is the first choice for many players. dotNetHell Madden players will be able to use the same people to switch between gun branch te and gun branch, simply by changing the focus of the goal to be achieved. It's valuable when trying to fight against opponents, who are reading your formation to diagnose your game.

The script doesn't ignore running as you have a lot of Madden Coins. There are some excellent singleback forms, such as singleback wing tight u, which allows you to smash the orb , but also jet sweep and jet sweep counterfeits - the script has incredible versatility, which means that we expect many early adoptions, while people come up with their own favorite styles.

Best 4-3 script - Bengal tiger, Cincinnati

If your team has a smaller defensive end and is rushing to de, you may be looking for the best 4-3 defense option. It's always tricky to choose between 3-4 and 4-3, because transition players can take a while in both mut and franchising.

Bengal tiger has a 4-3 base, but 46 options, standard nickel, 3-3-5 nickel and dime are added, making it easier to replace. There is nothing in this script to impress the opponent, but out of versatility and the simplicity of learning defensive scripts, I don't think they will perform better than Bangladeshis.

46 package can be fatal, it can assign the 3rd and 4th CB to your OLB, and it has 3-3-5 sets of powerful functions when monitoring fast QB.

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