You will be tasked with creating an Auxiliary

Mission stacking goes far beyond that, although most players figure this out fairly early on in their match play. Let us say you would like to run a forest exploration, or you've got a daily mission pop up which requires you kill an enemy that just resides in the woods. After that you can travel to every NPC quest giver, and check change the quest filter from"All Quests" into PSO2 Meseta the particular area you will be heading to. This will pull up every quest available for that area. A number of these quests will not even appear on the quests listing! This is one method so that you get the most from every excursion that you do to pile a ton of quests at the same time.

You will be tasked with creating an Auxiliary, which is kind of a combination between an NPC spouse, and a pet. Auxiliaries generally stay in your property, but they can join you on your missions and fight alongside you. After you get an Auxiliary and use the salon store to groom them however you choose, you then have to place an Auxiliary Console in your individual quarters, and place them on the console. From there, you can send them out.

For much of my time, I failed my Auxiliary, until one dayI realized that, however often I introduced my Auxiliary with me on missions, she was not leveling up at all. It turns out, that in order for your Auxiliary to level up, you need to send them on their own assignments from the Auxiliary Console. These assignments take roughly an hour, and upon returning, your Auxiliary won't only gain levels for successfully completed assignments, but they will also return pursuit items to you, so that you can turn in quests and gain expertise too.

At least PSO2, meseta is your in-game currency you will need should you wish to upgrade your equipment, buy player products, or use a number of the powerful consumables that are sold at the Medical Center store. Sometimes, getting meseta can go too slowly for your liking, especially when some player stores may be selling whatever you want for tens of millions of meseta. Since there are some ways to earn more meseta, don't fret too much.
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