I thought I had a argument also, which is a real shame

I really don't think it's reasonable to throw this MUT community's entirety under the bus. I'd say this is more of a problem with Madden nfl as a whole. It's totally fair. 8 run the couple cheat plays. Lol have you ever played with regs? It is the exact same thing there also. The only mode you could argue this will not happen is in a franchise together with principles against it, but even then they definitely have their fair share of"cheesers" also. You will find cheesy things you can do in each game mode in Madden nfl, and it is silly to Mut 21 coins just call supreme team out specifically.

I thought I had a argument also, which is a real shame. But the easiest way to play without cheese is an offline franchise. As much as I was able to love franchises that were online, I have had far too many adventures with them to play them as far as I used to. Regardless, I think it silly that people believe cheese is restricted only to team. It's almost like they are in denial. When you have a look at the ultimate team reddit, they complain about cheese understand. You guys aren't the only ones. The sooner we take that Madden nfl is faulty as a whole.

The guy with o linemen in wr and a punter at QB is going to win the Madden Bowl

Ea should be ashamed by what is happening. Dcroft has caused it into the finals with an off-meta crime and it seems like he's going to lose to joke who runs the ball each and every play. I understand Madden nfl isn't over yet, but Dcroft has close to 0 passing yards, therefore I really do credit Joke's shield, but still. I am not putting this on Joke in any way, do everything you have ta do to win, he's been consistent in most madden tourneys the last few years so it's not like it was a random who won. It is Ea's fault that they made Madden nfl to where somebody with this sort of offense could put points up and win.

Yall are crazy for saying he ought to be ashamed and cheap Madden 21 coins that nonsense, although im not the biggest fan of Joke and was hoping a passer would triumph. Blame ea not the players, and their game. Theyre playing tens of thousands of dollars theyre gonna do what gives them the chance to win. Even Clint himself apparently said in a podcast years ago which noone should ever get upset at the players and its own about the devs to produce a much better match. The truth is ea made a game and wages cap particularly participates in favour of runners. Madden nfl stinks but yall cant blame Joke.

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