I am a cis dude, but I really like wearing dresses and producing a more feminine look in AC

I am a cis dude, but I really like wearing dresses and Animal Crossing Items producing a more feminine look in AC, there are just so many pretty outfits and they look so great. It hasn't actually made me question my gender identity, as I am quite secure in that, but it's helped me feel that much of preferences and gender expression are fluid and imposed.

Yeah that's great and all, but did you know that you really had Redd in your island? You did not miss him.

Lol I'm only kidding though. Congratulations on taking that step and understanding who you are. I hope your family and friends were supportive and accepting.

How did the people in your life react if I may ask after viewing this? Did they know it clearly? I feel as if my gran would not have.

Edit: Btw I just realized that this is kind of like another birthday do not you think? All the more reason!

Look, Im glad you've made that youre and this understanding happy. But to maintain that joy it takes work with yourself, although please understand that coming out can bring you joy right now. Dont lose site of that, since there are going to be even more difficult times. Im not saying this to animal crossing items new horizons scare you, Im saying this because there's a disproportionate amount of unhappiness in the southern community, and I for one would rather have you in our planet than the option.

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martedì, 08 set 2020 Ore. 08.34

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