For franchise that they need to let us be in a position

As long as they give us either the capacity to edit the individual Madden NFL players skills without Mut 21 coins tediously fake retiring or if they had been made there aren't any limitation on the quantity on the number of skills a Madden NFL player can have (a qb can have both escape artist along with sexy route master provided that they meet the requirements for instance) then convinced. I will much prefer if they made Madden NFL player attributes be the sole factor on how the Madden NFL player controllers with no bandaid solution that is superstar abilities tho.Yep. That is, although franchise should have a major an overhaul. Maybe adding it just like in NBA 2K or something like that would be nice.

I love the X variables. They actually make me think about who I play against. As it should be, with him pursuing my qb around playing against Mack is terrifying. Not in their present form. Some of the abilities are ridiculously unbalanced, although I do not mind men getting in and outside of this zone's idea. Also, in order to generate the XFactor Madden NFL players stand out, they nerfed regular men. I believe they should just tweak them really like Wide receiver skills they don't feel underwhelming or super overpowered. But I believe they want to change how evasive and inside/outside zone guru are overpowered and QB and HB skills to make them a bit weaker especially running back

For franchise that they need to let us be in a position to switch abilities I can't endure my scrambling qb getting leapfrog and spin cycle when they can not do either.While I enjoy superstar abilities, making Madden NFL players feel much more unique, I discovered x-factors to be underwhelming. I'd like to see both go if it signifies Madden NFL players depended more on their stats, rather than pass/fail on having an ability or not. Abilities should be a bonus to stats in certain states, not a gate for adequately performing an action.No. This is not NBA Jam. Three completions don't throw and you can throw the ball 70 yards or you're unable to be intercepted. You do not get charged up or something like this in real life thus maintaining that in Madden NFL is 100% the way to go if we are discussing a soccer match. As opposed to adjusting the core issues that are apparent with Madden, EA conceal it with flashy, unrealistic, and cheesy features that make no sense.

I'd say, they just need to do a better job of creating Madden NFL players stand out. The superstar skills are annoying CB the WR, af, and Edge one. It is pretty retarded that an edge Madden NFL player with a specific ability will shed the cube immediately every single play until you do whatever needs to be done in order to get them to lose it. Same with receivers that cheap Madden 21 coins speed to break away in the corner onto a curl or a in/out route and can use human agility. It makes Madden NFL not as a realistic soccer game and more like an arcade game. In addition you have corners knocking out every single ball which comes linebackers and their way making catches or tackles that nobody would be able to make. The celebrity abilities are like something youd.
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