A suggestion for the Biggest Item Sink in Old-School RuneScape's History

I believe that it's a decent idea but requires refinement: People would only move their things to be on the top end of that 10%, there by pushing the normal GE price, rinse and repeat and the cost of the item on that day will likely bloat very sharply. If issue 1 exists, compared to players will stock pile items and wait patiently to OSRS gold market on the day, since it is an automatic payout and the price can be manipulated. I think there needs to be a lockdown about the price of the day's item, before it.

Perhaps a different mechanic may be used, such as the item of the afternoon is worth 1.1X it's average GE value in gold should you fall it straight in the hole. In that instance it's 10% less costly on average to throw the items in for the pet. I assume this could be abused that the. Could address it by not. There is zero reason for us understanding it besides to abuse that, so just do not tell us. I am sure some people may figure it out, but they'd be imagining, and they might also switch up the item to 2-3 objects rotating throughout the day or any number of solutions to deal with individuals abusing it.

It would be challenging to identify through only blind guessing accurate, but this is exactly the sort of difficulty that fundamental machine learning is really good at tackling. Simply make it pick one of the top 5 inflated things randomly. Great luck finding the top 5 and then figure which arbitrary of those five it actually is. I meant like once an item is chosen we would know almost instantly, not ahead (you could try to predict ahead of time but that may not be accurate like you said).

How I read OP's layout there'll be a massive variety of the'sunken item' removed from buy RuneScape gold the market after it is chosen. So this spike in item sells and/or associated rapid shift would be an alarm bell that is instant. Any somewhat effectively trained algorithm would have the ability to decide on these sink things up (assuming they were really having an effect on the current market, which if they are not, then what's the point). With the method I am describing it would not be something that you could predict beforehand but it could be something which you would know fairly quick after it happened.

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