Well for me I adored OSRS before I started RS3 with mended eoc

Because of the introduction of tier gear, the gear that is older got a lot cheaper. Bandos used to RuneScape gold be greatest in slot, but the price eventually went down to the stage I could manage it with my tiny cash stack along with flat 85 weapons which had tier 70 harm but grade 90 precision. Death was a lot less punishing and also you didn't risk losing everything in case you couldn't get back into your grave in time, and while shield Truth do not do 100% damage reduction anymore unless dedication is used, abilities only really opened up the match for me personally because it became about"how much food could I stuff in my stock while I beg for my own firearms to strike and the boss to splash" and more actual mechanics like using the right ability/prayer at the right time in the ideal location. Though I started out with legacy (old school style combat), I quickly corrected to revolution (RuneScape automatically uses abilities for you) then got used to tripping them manually.

I died 25 times without dropping, studying a level 2500 boss with over 300k health, Araxxor. I have done more in this past year that I ever have, finishing the drop log together with crafting my own pair of level 90 of a boss and such as my first 99. Not only that, but I have heavily invested in most of the quests and storylines with characters both familiar and new. It felt just like playing runescape for the first time all over again, weirdly enough.

Well for me I adored OSRS before I started RS3 with mended eoc. I cant live without battle that is busy. Also I feel like is gamers love to bash RS3 as"EZscape", I mean training abilities is pretty simple here, but OSRS includes a simple battle with many flaws, biggest is pray flick, the elaborate pool and nexus, high lvl material which may be glitched and ppl get commended for this, no good pursuit or loreline (I mean yes RS3 is older but 6 years couldnt provide 1 great quest imo), and the greatest 07 flaw of all things is that there are robots then active players. RS3 has robots also yes but with a single bot nuke, OSRS would feel so empty. I mean I like OSRS, and I overly RS3 some time, but after trying it, I realised there is much more stuff to play actively, and the very best thing about RS3 is your lore.

Before eoc happened, I maxed my primary. I have played OSRS on several reports but I keep coming back to RS3. I like the battle system and I would stay with it to the keybindable prayers alone. I've also developed past clicking a monster and waiting patiently for it to return. That has been one of my greatest pet peeves with OSRS. I really don't despise OSRS. It's just a game and OSRS Gold For Sale their own. I like that bots and individuals are having fun there. I have played OSRS several times and gotten firecape again, attempted vorkath on my brothers' accounts (he was amazed I got it down first try) and imo it is too easy. I'd play OSRS more if I could log with the exact same account/membership.

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